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About Pastra

On 18 April 1978, the Philippine Association of Stock Transfer and Registry Agencies, Inc. (PASTRA) was organized and registered with the SEC. PASTRA was formed for the following purposes:

• Join together its member in the spirit of unity, cooperation and comradeship;
• Promote efficiency and improvement in stock transfer services to an ideal and professional level;
• Create a body through which the members can collectively assist, petition and cooperate with regulatory agencies such as the SEC and the PSE;
• Safeguard and promote the interests of its members, their client-companies and the investing public; and
• Promote self-discipline among its members.

Members of PASTRA are persons, natural or judicial, through its officers or agents, engaged primarily in the stock transfer services and registry functions. A member could either be a commercial bank, an accounting firm, or an independent company operating solely as a transfer agent. At present, it has 21 members.

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